Episode 49: USA – The Lake Michigan Triangle

We’re back, baby! For the first episode of the new year, we dive into the unknown once again. While you’ve likely heard of the famed Bermuda Triangle, you may not know that there’s another mysterious area–also of the triangular variety–lurking along the eastern US-Canadian border. In the Lake Michigan Triangle, we find bright objects soaring across the sky, ships disappearing, and more. Join us as we take our first dip back into the dark side for our first episode of 2023.

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Michigan Triangle
The first point of the triangle is Ludington, Michigan, on the east side of Lake Michigan. Then you head roughly 140 miles south to the second point, Benton Harbour, Michigan. From Benton Harbour, you head approximately 200 miles NNW across the lake to the west side, up to the third point, Manitowoc, Wisconsin. To complete the triangle, you go back across the lake about 70 miles from Manitowoc to Ludington. And voila – an obtuse triangle.

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