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Gorgeous Embroidered Patch – “Dark Adaptation Podcast”


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Gorgeous embroidered patches to rep one of your favourite indie podcasts! Patches include an iron-on back for easy application (check out the photos for step-by-step instructions).

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Free shipping & no tax

Rep one of your favourite indie/true crime podcasts with this gorgeous embroidered patch.

Each patch has an iron-on backing for easy application to hats, jackets, shirts, backpacks, purses, etc.

Rather have it for display on your bookshelf or in your collection? One—that’s cool as fuck, can we see the collection? And two—we’ve got you covered! We’ve ensured our patches don’t only look great, but feel great. Our patches are embroidered for satisfying feel and substance. We also opted for premium threading to show off the podcast’s rich colours, and a merrowed border to give it a sturdy border.

About the design

This patch displays Dark Adaptation’s logo. But fans of the show might notice some interesting features in the design. If you’ve got a keen eye, you might have noticed some of the stars stand out from the rest. There are 5 stars in the patch’s design, each representing a member of the Dark Adaptation team and their favourite colour (and the colour of their audio track when we’re recording). And yes, our resident cat and podcast boss, Koby, also has a star!

So how does the new logo fit into the name? Well, let’s start with what Dark Adaptation means:

“Dark adaptation, or the ability of the eye to become more visually sensitive after remaining in darkness for a period of time, is delayed in older persons. One reason for this visual change is the smaller, miotic pupil, which limits the amount of light reaching the periphery of the retina.”

The night sky offers the perfect representation of Dark Adaption in action. Where light is free to shine bright against the darkness. And as a result, we adapt to appreciate not the darkness but the light.

Astrology is also what sets our podcast apart from other true crime podcasts. A true crime podcast with a cosmic twist!


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