Episode 42: Canada – The Redpath Mansion Murders

On June 13, 1901, Ada Redpath and her son, Cliff Redpath, were shot to death in their home in Montreal’s affluent Square Mile district. Police weren’t called, there wasn’t an investigation, only a coroner’s inquest with a verdict that’s unsatisfying, to say the least. To this day, everyone from armchair sleuths to historians wonder what truly happened in the Redpath mansion that fateful day. Today, we know this case as “The Redpath Mansion Murders”, but, to many, “The Redpath Mansion Murder Mystery” is a more accurate title. This is a story about class and generational wealth and prominence. A story about a family in high society surrounded by loyalties and tensions, so let’s dive in and figure out this turn of the 20th-century whodunit.

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Redpath Mansion

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