Episode 43: Canada/India – Jaswinder “Jassi” Kaur Sidhu

Jassi and her husband, Mithu, were out for an evening ride on their scooter when they realize they are being followed by a white car. Suddenly, 4 men get out of the car, attack Mithu, and leave him on the side of the road thinking he’s dead. The men abduct Jassi, bring her to an abandoned farmhouse, tie her to a chair, and tell her Mithu is dead. Jassi pleads for her life, but she’s beaten and strangled. Her throat is slit, and her body is dumped in an irrigation canal.

Jassi told people that one day there would be a movie made about her life. Little did she realize, several movies would be made about not only her life but her tragic “honour killing”.

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Jassi and Mithu
Jassi & Mithu

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