Episode 78 – Christina Kettlewell: Death of the Eight-Day Bride

Christina Kettlewell was a beautiful, promising young woman who was busy working on her career and falling madly in love with her boyfriend, Jack. The couple’s evolving romance led them to a spontaneous, maybe even rebellious, marriage. A few days after their wedding, they headed into the Muskoka wilderness to honeymoon at a friend’s cottage. The friend, Ronald, was also Jack’s roommate, and bizarrely enough, Ronald accompanied the two newlyweds on what should have been a private, romantic, getaway.

The events that took place during that fateful trip are shrouded in mystery; there’s a suspicious fire that takes down the cottage and Christina is found dead in mere inches of water.

The inquest into her unexplained death showcased dramatic theories, various versions of events, and gripping eyewitness testimonies, but the biggest question of all was left unanswered – What happened to Christina Kettlewell? How did the eight-day bride meet her fate?

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