Episode 33: UK – “Daft Peter”, Serial Arsonist & Mass Murderer

In the early hours of December 4, 1979, in the small English city of Hull, Edith Hastie woke up with an overwhelming feeling of dread…

Running out of her bedroom and onto the landing, she sees flames shooting up the stairs. She wakes up her eldest son and the two go back to the landing to rescue 9-year-old Thomas. Edith and Charlie were beaten back by the flames and smoke and moved to the front bedroom, where Charlie desperately pushed his mother out the window to save her. She urged Charlie to jump too, but he ignored her, determined to rescue his other brothers, Paul, and Peter. All 3 boys were trapped by the flames and smoke, and by the time fire services arrived on the scene, Paul, Peter, and Charlie were suffering from severe burns. Thomas was rescued with less serious burns.

Firemen immediately suspected that the fire was no accident, and what started as an arson inquiry soon became an investigation into 3 murders when Paul, Peter, and Charlie all died from their injuries. But it didn’t stop there…

Join us for Episode 33 as we discuss Britain’s most prolific serial murderer (and serial arsonist) “Daft Peter” Dinsdale aka Bruce George Peter Lee.

Part One – Monday, September 12, 2022
Part Two – Monday, September 19, 2022

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Lee revels in his notoriety after being sentenced
“Daft Peter”

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