Dark Adaptation: A True Crime Podcast

Dark Adaptation Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by me, Brianna, and our producer, Dyson, joins me while workin’ the knobs.

Our show explores all things macabre and mysterious: we’re talkin’ dark history, true crime, haunted places, you name it.

While we typically dive into lesser-known stories, we do cover well-known ones, too. For those more “popular” cases, we deliver so much information you’re guaranteed to learn something new AND sometimes we’re even joined by our guest host, Steph, who brings a cosmic twist to the show.

Our other guest host, Paige, joins us every other month to bring us into the world of cryptids and folklore!

Tune in every Monday for a new episode full of intrigue and entertainment!

Dark Adaptation Podcast is available wherever you stream your favourite podcasts and next Monday, we’ll catch you on the dark side.

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