Episode 66: Canada – “The Ill-Fated Lovers” Kimberley Lockyer and Dale Worthman

This week’s episode is about one of Newfoundland’s longest missing person investigations turned murder mystery.

On September 2, 1993, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary received a call from the mother of Dale Worthman. She wanted to report for son and his girlfriend, Kimberley Lockyer, missing. The couple hadn’t told anyone they were leaving town or given their loved ones or friends a reason that they might be unreachable, and no one had seen them or heard from them since August 27. When police investigated their apartment, it appeared the couple had vanished into thin air. What ensued was a nearly 13 year cold case, a confusing confession, and, like with many murder mysteries, more questions than answers when it comes to the deaths of the “ill-fated lovers” Kimberley Lockyer and Dale Worthman.

What really happened that fateful day? And who is responsible?


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