Episode 61: Canada – The Crimes of Dellen Millard (Part 1-7)

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PART ONE – May 16, 2023

This story starts with the 2013 disappearance of Tim Bosma. Tim’s case immediately gripped the nation because the circumstances leading up to his disappearance were so innocent and normal. Tim was an ordinary, everyday, working-class family man. A man everyone could relate to because we all know someone like him.

So, when he disappeared on a warm evening in May 2013, never to be heard from or seen again, everyone was captivated and confused as they wondered what happened, who took him, and most importantly, WHY?

The investigation to find him led to a sad and gruesome conclusion. Ultimately, the disappearance and murder of Tim Bosma unearthed 2 monsters and a disturbing pattern of theft, deception, and more murder.

PART TWO – May 22, 2023

In Part 2 of The Crimes of Dellen Millard, we continue discussing the events that took place after Tim’s murder before diving into the shit smear of a person that is Dellen Millard.

PART THREE – May 26, 2023

In Part 2 you were forced to listen to us discuss the dog treat totin’ weirdo that is Dellen Millard. In Part 3, you not only get MORE Dellen Millard, but you also get to learn about his friend and partner in crime, Mark Smich. You lucky ducks even get to hear Mark’s rap… (listen, if we have to suffer through it, so do you, it’s only fair).

PART FOUR – June 5, 2023

In Part 4, we discuss how Dellen Millard spent his time in prison, the god-awful letters he wrote to his god-awful girlfriend, Dellen’s roommate and friend, Andrew, and the first-degree murder trial of Tim Bosma.

PART FIVE – June 12, 2023

In our previous episode, we shared that Toronto Police had reopened their investigations into the suspicious suicide of Dellen’s father and the profoundly concerning absence of Dellen’s ex-girlfriend, Laura Babcock, which occurred a year before the tragic murder of Tim. As we continue our series on the skid-mark of a human being that is Dellen Millard, we now turn our spotlight to the emotionally charged case of Laura Babcock’s “disappearance.”

PART SIX – June 19, 2023

In part six of our seven-part series covering the crimes of Dellen Millard, we circle back to the supposed suicide of Dellen’s father, Wayne Millard. As with the case of Laura Babcock, the reality of Dellen’s crimes forced police to reevaluate the circumstance surrounding the death of the 71-year-old aviation executive who in September 2018 was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

PART SEVEN – June 26, 2023

Welcome to seventh and final segment of our deep dive into the heinous crimes of Dellen “Rat Boy” Millard. A segment that’s length is only rivalled by the extent of shitty nicknames we can continue to tack onto this no-talent shit-bird.

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