Episode 34: USA – Joe Ball “The Alligator Man”

  • 1:26:04
  • September 26, 2022
  • Explicit Content

In the 1930s, Joe Ball was the owner of a tavern called the Sociable Inn located on Highway 181 near Elmendorf, Texas. The tavern was always busy – business was boomin’ – but Joe had a problem… He had a hard time keeping waitresses employed because they all seemed to find work elsewhere and disappear into the night. He had another problem – neighbours were complaining about the smell coming from his gator pit. That’s right. While the Sociable Inn was known for many things, like its fine brewskis and even finer waitresses, its most memorable feature was the alligator pit behind the tavern. Join us as we discuss “The Alligator Man”, Joe Ball, and the wild case that surrounds him, his tavern, and of course, his gators.

Joe Ball

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