Episode 24: India – The Nithari Village Serial Murders (Part 2)

Nithari Village is a quiet suburb in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Since March 2005, 38 children had gone missing in the village on the same stretch of road. A house sat on this road, located at D5 in Sector 31. It was owned by a rich businessman named Moninder Singh Pandher, who seemed to live a life of luxury, entertaining guests from VIPs to local law enforcement. He had a live-in domestic worker, a manservant named “Satish” Koli, who cooked for Moninder and took care of the home when Moninder went away on business. For a while, the residents in the area found them to be fairly pleasant and thought pretty highly of them. But gradually, that opinion changed, and people in the village began to suspect something was very wrong with these men and their house…

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